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Dr. Greg Fors, DC Chronic Pain Expert

Dr. Greg Fors, DC
Chronic Pain Expert
Board-Certified Neurologist
Author of "Why We Hurt"

Dr. Greg Fors has hand selected or developed each of our products based on years of clinical experience treating chronic pain. As a Board Certified Neurologist & expert in chronic pain disorders, Dr. Fors lectures to doctors & therapists around the country on the cause and treatment of myofascial pain & fibromyalgia syndrome.

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FENIX Rehab System
FENIX Rehab System
Large Stable Treatment Platform (made of indestructible HDPE), allows treatment on virtually any surface: sofa, easy chair, bed or floor.
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FENIX Still Point

FENIX Still Point
Light weight and easy to carry so you can use it anytime and anywhere you need relief!  Apply various treatment options on multiple "still points" or muscle knots.
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Products & Supplements to Stop Pain

Fenix Deluxe Model - Red
Trigger Point Therapy
for Muscle Knots &
Acupressure Points
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BioSpec Supplements
Herbal Pain Relief Supplements
Safe, Natural & Effective
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Book Why We Hurt by Dr. Greg Fors
Why We Hurt
by Dr. Greg Fors, DC
A Complete Physical &
Spiritual Guide to Healing
Your Chronic Pain
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